Track traffic to your campaigns globally

Tracking by impression (CPM) Cost per click (CPC) and CPA (optional). Multiple data center across 5 continents, you never lose a single click

Run Automated A/B Test Campaign

You can easily determine which of your campaign paths perform better for given conversion goals. Carry out A/B tests automatically and find out where to make changes for improved effectiveness. AI automatically shift resources to the best performing campaign


ImpulseAds combined with AI engage the client on your page when your product and service is on their mind. Increase conversion with our engagement tools

Use “What if” Condition to drive conversion based on user behavior

AI Automated Ad Performance Optimization

Using AI, you can have your traffic automatically to the best-performing offers, landing pages and entire paths in real time. Put your traffic distribution on autopilot and watch your profits grow

Anti -Fraud

Detect Robot Clicks
Our application detects suspicious Impression and clicks or unrealistic Conversion rate
Analyze Bot Traffic
We analyze quality of traffic in real time, to get real insight about the audience and not worry about diminished ROI
Get detailed data about Traffic
We get detailed data about traffic and take action to protect integrity of the information driving your ROI

Helping you advertise, engage and convert the Gold Standard audience

Let your ads show where they matter the most. Consumers are constantly distracted with multiple platforms.

Deliver value rich impacting ads to consumers based on retargeting and location delivery. Choose consumer specific interests that will drive and give attention to your ads.

Turn your creativity to revenue with high response rates from targeted audiences, based on interests, location, and other demographics.

Lets Work Together

  • Deliver high impact, rich quality graphic and video that yields results
  • High click rates. High conversion rates.
  • Content is KING

Launch Your Ad Campaign

All ads are pre-approved before publishing

  • Create your AD, select Geo target, gender, interest, and target time.
  • Once approved, you may create your campaign and begin publishing
  • If your ad is rejected you may contact us to find out why
  • You may create ads and store in your account for future use.
  • Create graphic banner, video, or interstitial ads
  • Create campaign, set campaign budget and schedule
  • Browse your library of ads and attach an ad to your campaign

Manage Campaign

  • Set schedule to meet revenue objectives
  • Create your ad, turn it into a campaign and publish ads using:
    • Geo targeting
    • Social targeting
    • User interests
  • Publish your campaign anytime you wish
  • Modify campaigns on the fly
  • Change or modify ads in the middle of campaigns
  • Create a target audience for your ad

Registration is simple and easy

  • Tell us about your business
  • If referred by an agency, add the agency code provided to your registration form
  • Once we receive your information we will verify and confirm your registration
  • You will have a proprietary login credential and you are ready to go

Brand Protection, Ad Choice and Selection

AMW offers flexibility to manage campaigns and budgets. Manage budget:

  • Never be constrained or tied down
  • Change your budget as your business may dictate
  • Suspend or restart campaigning at a moment notice