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Loads of impressions and clicks? with ConversionAds, negotiate with every visitor for every opportunity, to achieve your conversion objective.

Uncage the Beast in your Business

Drive audiences to your business with strong display Ads, using rich graphics , targeting tools with social demographics, location , interest combined with powerful negotiation tools.


Different interests

Know what your customers are doing on your site

Every customer is different, every customer want something for different reasons Negotiate with a different offer with powerful ConversionAds

For every Customer

AdsMyWay ConversionAds tools are changing the way organizations drive revenue and improve ROI for their online businesses.

ConversionAds “what if” conditions allow you to master your virtual negotiation tools and make the best offer to every visitor based on customer behavior while on your site or after they have left your site.

“ Can’t believe tools like this can exist online its like negotiating with a customer Inside the store, we now have the tools to drive online revenue with strong ROI”

Dorcas Ijacha
MD, Web Asset

How does ConversionAds work
to help your business

  • Create your regular Ad campaign
  • You can create A|B campaign with budget optimization
  • Set your conversion objectives
  • Set your Conversion Action
  • Set your 'What if' condition
  • Create your ConversionAds
Example of 'what if' conditions:
  • Customer browse page but made no selection and leaves site .
  • Customer click on a product and came to site but leaves site before a conversion actions
  • Customer click on product came to site but browse to a different page
  • Customer select product but failed to enter payment form but cancelled

Copy and paste java script to your conversion (landing) page

Create Powerful negotiating ConversionAds for each “What if” condition and link on our server

Let AdsMyWay ConversionAds take control of your negotiation tools to drive your ROI
ConversionAds is a “patent pending” business process and online negotiation tool